In the Garden, Day 21

Spinach wk 3

It’s been another week of high winds and daily watering.  One lonely green bean is growing, so I’m going to try soaking the seeds before putting them in the ground.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Not a single carrot sprout yet, so I’m going to replant using a different seed pack.  Perhaps I bought a bad bag of seed?  Other than that, not much happening, watching and waiting.


Spinach wk 3
Spinach is growing nicely.
Tomato Plant wk 3
Tomato plant is still handing on.
Lettuce wk 3
Lettuce is doing well.
Onion Patch
Onion patch
Onions and Radishes wk 3
Onions and radishes
Salad Patch wk 3
Salad section
















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