Honey Mustard Sauce

This is an old recipe with only four ingredients.  I like recipes that are made with things I normally keep on hand.  Can’t get much easier than this for a great tasting dipping sauce.  It’s good on chicken sandwiches, on a salad, it’s just plain good!

Honey Mustaard Sauce
Easy to measure

¼  cup mayonnaise
1    tablespoon prepared mustard
1    tablespoon honey
½  tablespoon lemon juice

In a liquid (glass) measuring cup or small bowl, mix the first three ingredients with a fork or small whisk.  When thoroughly blended, stir in lemon juice.  Store tightly covered in refrigerator.  [I believe it will keep a week or two.  We always use it up, so I’ve never tested how long it actually lasts.]  If you want it a little thinner for salad dressing, add a bit more lemon juice to desired consistency.

Yields <½ cup.

Honey Mustard Sauce
Stored in a canning jar of course!

½   cup mayonnaise
2    tablespoons prepared mustard
2    tablespoons honey
1    tablespoon lemon juice

Yields ¾ cup.

¾   cup mayonnaise
3     tablespoons prepared mustard
3     tablespoons honey
1½  tablespoons lemon juice.

Yields 1 cup.




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