Maggie, the Dog

Maggie's Baby Picture

Maggie is my Maltipoo.  The above photo is her baby picture.  She’s a year old this month.  She’s got a great personality and a little stubborn streak.  Hmmm…she’s just like the rest of the family.  No wonder she’s such a good fit.  I hadn’t had a purebred dog in over thirty years since I moved from Iowa.  Throughout the years, our dogs had come from the pound or from people who couldn’t keep their pet any longer.  Originally, we headed to a pet store in Las Vegas to look for a Maltese.   We wanted a small, calm breed that could travel with us.  When we arrived at the store, their Maltese had been sold already.

Maggie was about 4 months old, so she’d been there a while.  She made eye contact and kept watching us as we looked at the various dogs.  She was the first pup we took to a playroom.  She was adorable.  We played with a couple other breeds, but they weren’t as engaging as her.  After we’d played with her, she never took her eyes off me.  Those deep brown eyes said, “Please, take me.  I’ll be good.”  (Her cell mate had left earlier in the day.  I’m sure she didn’t know what happened to it.)  We played with her again and that was it.   She stole our heart.

We couldn’t ask for a better indoor dog.  A quick trip to the vet for medicine to clear up her eyes and schedule the rest of her puppy shots and we were set.  She was easy to potty train and is quick to learn tricks.  You know, sometimes, I’m not sure who’s training who.




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