Granpa’s Oatmeal

Granpas Oatmeal
Granpa Ken
Granpa Ken

Okay.  Let’s face it…it’s hard to make oatmeal photogenic.  I did the best I could with it.  So here’s my photogenic better half, Granpa Ken.

After several years of buying the instant oatmeal packets, Granpa came up with the following recipe for his morning oatmeal.  He prepares jars of the dry ingredients ahead of time, so all he has to do is grab one for a quick hot breakfast.

From time to time, he changes it up with Craisins instead of raisins, all-spice instead of cinnamon,  pecans in place of walnuts.  You get the idea.  Start with ½ cup of oats and add what you like.

½  cup quick oats
½  teaspoon brown sugar
¼  teaspoon cinnamon
1    tablespoon raisins
1    tablespoon chopped walnuts
1    tablespoon chopped dates
1    cup water
Splash of milk to taste

Granpas Oatmeal
Granpas Oatmeal with Milk

He heats the water using a measuring cup in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Then, he adds it to the cereal bowl and mixes well.  His next step is returning it to the microwave to finish cooking for about 35 seconds.  Of course, cooking times depend on the wattage of your microwave.

Sometimes, he also uses old-fashioned oats for a little more chewy texture oatmeal.  Actually, it depends on which kind of oats I have in the pantry.





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